Disney exclusives!

EPCOT Holidays Around the World at the American Pavilion 2008

The " Cookie" Disney Bear L. E. 300 (sold out)

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EPCOT 2007 Disney Bear in the Teddies To Go style.
An exclusive edition of 200 to be made only at the Weekend.

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EPCOT 2008 Bear & Doll Weekend  L.E.270
(sold out)

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Why is Mickey's bear green this year?
His vivid green color reflects the little 9-inch topiary bear that is jumping
from the cake in Bev's one-of-a-kind auction piece vignette for 2008.
To see 'Celebration" and the connection,
click here.



EPCOT 2006 Disney Bear in the Teddies To Go style.  L.E.300


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